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Basic English Lesson# 2

By Hans Porras


on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Basic English Lesson# 2

Today´s Motivational Phrase WELCOME TO CLASS #2 Where There is a will; There is always a way Welcome
Countries and Nationalities
The Verb TO BE
Q & A
Conclusion Agenda: Homework Noun .......? Let´s Review Class #1 Adjective......? Verb......? Article......? LET´S PRACTICE C_A_R CHAIR _L_Y PLAY B_ _ U_I_ _L BEAUTIFUL COUNTRIES AND NATIONALITIES Listen and Practice Take notes about the different Countries and Nationalities FUN WITH FLAGS MEXICO Mexican Spanish GREECE Greek Greek JAPAN Japanese Japanese BRAZIL Brazilian Portuguese Vocabulary Hi
Good Morning
Good afternoon
Good evening
See you
See you later
See you soon
Take Care
Good Night
See you around
Bye, bye Greetings and Take Leavings INTRODUCTION PHRASES Nice to meet you
A pleasure to meet you
Glad to meet you
Say hi to
Say hello to I´m Sorry
Excuse me
Tell me
Say it again
You´re welcome Common Phrases What
How Interrogative Words THE VERB TO BE Present Time AM , IS , ARE I am
You are
He is
She is
It is We are
You are
They are Contractions I’m. You´re, He´s, She´s, It´s, We´re, They´re. Q & A
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