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Product Manager application to Prezi

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Miklós Molnár

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Product Manager application to Prezi

Miklós Molnár Product Manager & Creative Mind INTRODUCTION My name is Miklós Molnár and this is my Presume. Since this is something I have never done before - mixing my CV, my portfolio into a presentation which is virtually like an interview - I'll just try to be as structured as straightforward as possible.

I consider myself an interdisciplinary professional. Design, branding, marketing, strategy, project management, sales are all part of my expertise which helps me view my work in the holy trinity of the why-how-what. Why should we do something (strategy)? How are going to achieve that (process)? What is that going to be (design)? I have experience in all these different fields of creation and see the product both as a standalone object and as a result of the hard work of a group of talented people. This makes me able to lead a team of various professionals and make them engaged in the current project. CAREER HISTORY @ Budapest University of Technology and Economics
2000-2006 THE EARLY YEARS.

During my university years I have gained my design-heavy project-oriented thinking. Apart from real market experiences I learned how a product is created, the stages of creation and how to function in a team.
It was also here where I first met Péter Halácsy and Ádám Somlay-Fischer in a new media course. INDUSTRIAL DESIGN
& SENIOR DESIGNER @ Schwinn-Csepel Bicycle Manufacturing Company

After my graduation I found myself in a Hungarian bike manufacturing company. The largest one. As it is quite common in my country my duties weren't boxed as they usually are in a multinational company. If you need to label my status then mix the following roles then you'll have a hint about my job in general: product manager, marketing expert, key account, mechanical engineer, QC engineer, senior designer, art director, supply engineer, team leader (without any instruments to motivate besides my brain), salesman, design strategist.
The plethora of different tasks and my uni experiences allowed me to become the all-arounder person in the company so I was able to set a long-term strategy, create a brand from scratch to recycling, redesign the bike distribution model and merge bikes with other aspects of fun, like fashion. @ Budapest
since 2011 LIFE AFTER BIKES.

Ever since I left Schwinn-Csepel I had been using my multi-disciplinary skills as a freelance creative. I have worked for various companies like HVG Publishing, Primal Move Fitness, Avalanche Creative Agency, SRG Webdesign, Ops Fashion, etc. The projects either involved consulting or putting together and leading an actual team to create a product. As with everyone generally I had to find the right tone and language for each unique company to be able to score these assignments and fulfill them. This requires a lot of flexibility and patience but in the end it's all worth the effort. FREELANCE CREATIVE ACHIEVEMENT
HIGHLIGHTS THE ROYAL ERA At the beginning of my career at Schwinn-Csepel it became soon quite clear that the brand did not function too well. Too many models for way too many audiences. Thus I had come up with a long-term strategy to establish numerous sub-brands each aiming to compete with the no.1 of their segment's competitor, under the quality ensuring umbrella of Schwinn-Csepel both to be able to reach out to new markets (today Europe tomorrow the whole world) and fortify our position on the current market (domestic).

In 2010 the first sub-brand was named Csepel Royal which is basically an urban fashion-oriented hipster single speed bicycle brand. It consists of complete bikes, frame sets, parts but most importantly a conscious selection of 10 colors which reflects on each and every purchasable item. This was the change of view I had applied in the design because these are not bikes but fashion accessories. The target audience is not the hardcore fixed gear riders but their followers or as others call them, the wannabes.

They are the larger market because they played with LEGO (think colors and building) and they pick their clothes consciously so we gave them more options to use colors as the extension of their personalities. THE WEBSITE This new concept of colors required a new web interface too and since our naming policy demanded international nomination we thought to be consequent about this. Since we wanted to make the translation process as easy as possible we thought to skip it entirely and create a language free page which is all about nice photos and the plethora of our colored 300+ products.

There are two ways to navigate: items and colors. Say if you need a new saddle you just click on the icon and start browsing among the color variations. However if you need a larger upgrade because you are completely bored of your black bike and you need yellow stuff to perk it up a bit you just click on the icon and tada.

Another feature of the site which is again due to our lazy behaviour is that it had been designed to fit perfectly an iPhone and iPad screen. This has also saved money too not having to develop an application for it.

My role besides art direction and UI design involved leading the graphic and IT team, syncing them together. REPUTATION Your name is the only thing constant in your life as they say. That is very true and I always try to create a situation where it is easy and fun to work with me. My intuition and experiences tell me that this is the way to shorten process times, avoid mistakes and get everyone around you involved in the project. So I aim to find what motivates my colleagues or partners and emphasize on that. I dare say that most of my contacts like working with me and not just because of this attitude but they know that I do not easily compromise when it comes down to the quality of my work. ANALOGUE DATA VISUALIZATION During my freelance career the biggest hit involves a special issue (EXTRA) of HVG Publishing, a magazine about sustainable growth and the green future. The brief was simple, they needed infographics. A lot of them actually. They provided the content and we gave them shiny eyecandies. The best part of the task was a 2/1 side A/4 size infographic about sustainability. That was the only instruction given, so I thought why not make an analogue picture and apply the data visualization on another layer. This way we ended up with a diorama of spaghetti all prepared for cooking in my kitchen on my table photographed by me. Besides that art direction, data mining, being the key account and team leader and coming up with the idea itself were my duties in the process. BUILDING A MARKETING AND FEEDBACK TOOL One of the key features of the site was the BikeStudio which is basically a bike customization application. It contains every single item we had and allowed the user to create a special single speed Royal model of his own taste. It also had the feature of randomization by clicking on the emblem in the upper right corner. It also made searching in the database of 300+ products a tiny bit easier. Sharing on Facebook is also possible which was of the main channels of communication for the brand. Of course iPhone and iPad fitting had also been applied.

The other reason besides distributing the brand message was to gather data about our consumers, because when people shared, or printed their work it got anonymously registered in our database which provided with a mass of localized information about the taste of the potential consumers.

As with the website I had been assigned as leader of this task so I had to keep in touch with the graphic artists and the coders so they don't start waiting for each other. GENERALIST BRANDING &
MARKETING Analyzing the market, tracking down the target audience are all part of this process but I only find insight and idea in my own black box. Works as intended so far.

Setting the strategy is one of my favorite part of the job. It is the cornerstone for any brand out there. You have to see the horizon and you have to have a clear vision how to get there in time.

My branding experience tells me what Mark Zuckerberg just told the world lately. The majority of content is visual matter. You can have all the catchy phrases and detailed explanation but it can never compare to a single picture of your brand. This is where Prezi and data visualization starts to get interesting. COMMUNICATION Being able to communicate with specialists of various fields is the very foundation to work efficiently as a Product Manager.

During my career I've collaborated / co-worked with several specialists of numerous nationalities. All of them requires a little bit different approach to be able to connect with them back and forth. IT Professionals
Graphic Artists
Assembly Line Workers
Business Owners
Mechanical Engineers
Key Accounts Germany
Great Britain
Czech Republic
Portugal I also did my share of community management which is a very fun task because you contact your audience on your own ground (fb, website, tw, whatever) and you are able to control your public image be it a new product, a collaboration or even damage control. PROJECT
MANAGEMENT Everyone can have great ideas sometimes but in the long run it all comes down to who can make it happen.

Realizing the assets at my hand (not necessarily what I actually needed) and making the best use of them, has always been a key instrument in my agenda.

I firmly believe in cradle-to-grave processes since it bears maximum resilience and minimum chance of mistakes.

The masters of this craft are able to find balance between quality, deadlines, budgets, clients and all the rest of the factors involved in the process and make it look so easy. This is what I pursuit. DESIGN &
ENGINEERING It's about creating the actual product in accordance with the needs (known or unknown to them) of your potential users.

The product is the closest interaction point between you and your users. Better design the product to make it fun to use.

As an engineer I have a clear vision of how to solve my current problem in a way to avoid it the next time.

In my opinion you do not necessary have to design or engineer your product to be 100% complete. Let your audience complete it by using it. This deepens the immensity and enhances engagement.

This is how you make a product that is alive and breathing. As of merging together a set of different disciplines (areas of specialists) into a coherent process.

The main responsibility of this role is seeing the dots and connecting them.

My leading attitude helped me to inspire and motivate teammates and make them engaged in the process of creation. To drag them into the flow.

I believe this way you are able to establish a dynamic team to create an organic product which can integrate into the lives of your own users.

And this is how I view myself. What makes me the ideal match for this role?

My interdisciplinary skill set basically. Let me show you! Why would I like to work in the Prezi team besides the paychecks? What can I offer the Prezi team besides my hard work? Why-not attitude. Because why not?
Inspiring presence.
Being a result machine.
Setting big dreams then starting with small steps.
Strong visual anticipation. International clients and team.
TED connection. Long time fan.
Contributing to an already innovative product.
Competent leadership.
Best place to work in Hungary. INTERESTS DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY I always keep my eye open for new things. It can be an app, a gadget, a typeface or even a new recipe. One can never know what will trigger a brand new idea. GAMING Sometimes action, but mostly RPG and strategy. Also you can always bribe me with new boardgames. Anything that requires a little bit of pen and paper meta. SCI-FI Star Wars the original Trilogy, that is sacred. Star Trek in all shapes and sizes. Battlestar Galactica the new series. WH40K. To be frank I could go on with this list for a long time... NFL Especially the Green Bay Packers. You can't deny Rodgers is the best QB out there. You can call me a cheese head anytime. FAMILY & FRIENDS My daughter has just turned 5 months old. I think I cannot spend enough time with wifey and my heir. They are the bread and butter of my life. But duty calls and eventually I am obliged to go and have a drink or two with friends. And what do I do when I'm not working? PHOTOGRAPHY Since I'm a lousy amateur photographer and too cheap to sell my soul for new equipment, I simply use my phone to take pictures. It pretty much seems to me that the best pictures are always found not taken. To summarize my Presume here is a picture of my hand. It is steady and ready to be put to good use. Thanks for watching my Prezi!
If you liked it please check out my CV and portfolio too!
(Find the links in my application.) Live long and prosper!
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