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the marketing strategies adapted by selected mang inasal bra

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John Kevin Morales

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of the marketing strategies adapted by selected mang inasal bra

Author's main argument/problem
The main argument of this study is to Assess the Marketing Strategies adapted by selected Mang Inasal branches in Makati City to serve as a Basis for a Proposed Marketing Program. And the following are the sub- problems:
Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations
The Philippines is one of the most populous countries in the world with approximately 100 million mouths to feed. This means that getting into food business is very viable to achieve. Edgar “Injap” J. Sia II, the creator of Mang Inasal started his business by looking at the 16 different regions in the Philippines and recognized that each has a unique set of culinary traditions and eating habits. He then analyzed and identified what type of food would have the most potential and mass appeal. This was the ubiquitous barbecue or inasal in Ilonggo. With much perseverance, innovative thinking and a deep understanding of business, Sia created Mang Inasal in Iloilo City in 2003.
Rationale/Significance of the Study
The researchers preferred to study about the marketing strategies adapted by Mang Inasal because the researchers have been customers of Mang Inasal and they have observed the services they offered and encountered some problems. The researchers wished to find solutions to this problems and hopefully help to improve the marketing strategies of Mang Inasal.
1. What is the profile of the
respondents according to:

1.1 Age;
1.2 Gender;
1.3 Civil Status;
1.4 Occupation;
1.5 Monthly income
1.6 Educational Attainment?

2. What are the perception of the respondents on the marketing strategies adopted by Mang Inasal in terms of :

2.1 Product 2.5 Packaging
2.2 Price 2.6 Positioning
2.3 Place 2.7 People
2.4 Promotion

3. Is there a significant difference on the perception
of the respondents on the marketing strategies adopted by Mang Inasal when grouped according to:

3.1 Age
3.2 Gender
3.3 Civil Status
3.4 Occupation
3.5 Monthly Income
3.6 Educational Attainment?

4. What "Paborito Meals" are preferred by the customers?

5. What problems were encountered by Mang Inasal customers?

6. What solutions were offered by the
customers to solve the problems?

7. What marketing program was
suggested by the researchers with
regard to the marketing strategies
of Mang Inasal?

This study would be beneficial to Mang Inasal Philippine Inc. because this study may serve as a guide on how to maintain and improve their strategies in order to meet the needs and wants of the customers. The customers of Mang Inasal, that they may be able to know that Mang Inasal could offer more varieties of promos other than that of the unlimited rice.
The people in the same line of business may also benefit from this study, for they can apply the marketing strategies adopted by Mang Inasal. Lastly for future researchers, because this study may serve as a guide when they conduct a similar study.
The researchers used the descriptive method on evaluating the data that will be gathered from 200 respondents. Descriptive method is used to describe characteristics of a population or phenomenon being studied.1 The researchers will assess the marketing strategies of Mang Inasal which needs to be interpreted to numerical data such as percentage and average to have a more accurate and detailed results. The researchers used the descriptive method with the use of survey questionnaires.
The questionnaire was divided into three parts.
The first part aims to obtain the profile of the respondents. The second part focuses on the perception of the respondents about the marketing strategies of Mang Inasal with the use of five- point scale systems. And the third part which aims to determine the respondents’ preferences, problems they have encountered in Mang Inasal and possible solutions for the problems.
The researcher used the purposive sampling technique. Purposive sampling technique is a type of non-probability sampling
where the researcher consciously selects particular elements or subjects for addition in a study so as to make sure that the elements will have certain characteristics pertinent to the study.

The respondents were selected based on the following criteria:
1. Customer of Mang Inasal
2. Must be at least 16 years old
3. May be students or office employees

The data gathered from the survey were tallied, computed, analyzed and interpreted for the significant values utilizing frequency and percentage distribution for the proper analysis of data collected.

Frequency is the number of times a characteristic occurs in the study. Percentages were computed by dividing the frequency of each response by the total number of respondents then multiplied by 100.

For the part 2 of the questionnaire, the researchers used weighted mean and standard deviation in order for quantities to be arranged in their proper degree of importance. It is necessary to assign their weights and then calculate a weighted mean and standard deviation.
Weighted mean an average in which each quantity to be averaged is assigned a weight. These weightings determine the relative importance of each quantity on the average. Standard deviation is a measure of the dispersion of a set of data from its mean. The more spread apart the data, the higher the deviation. The weighted mean and standard deviation is used to compute for part 2 of the questionnaire that will answer number 2 of the statement of the problem.

In answering number 3 of the statement of the problem, the researchers used the ANOVA table or the analysis of variance and t-test.

ANOVA or analysis of variance is a statistical method for making simultaneous comparisons between two or more means; a statistical method that yields values that can be tested to determine whether a significant relation exists between variables. This will be used to know if there is a significant relationship between the perception of the respondents with regard to the marketing strategies adopted by Mang Inasal.
For statement of the problem number 1, Profile of the Respondents

Majority of the respondents are aged from 17-23 years old, assumed they are young adults, predominantly male respondents. In addition to that most of them are single, engaging in office employment, earning 10,000 to 15,000 monthly. Generally most of the respondents are college graduates.

Therefore the researchers concludes that Mang Inasal products suit the taste and preferences of young adults, especially the appetite of male customers, engaged in office employment. And the researchers recommend Mang Inasal should practice fast accommodation and service and maintain offering products that are affordable and suitable for the taste and preference of its customers.

For statement of the problem number 2, Perception of the Respondents regarding the Marketing Strategies of Mang Inasal
For statement of the problem number 3, Comparison of the Perception of Customer regarding the Marketing Strategies of Mang Inasal when grouped according to profile.

The perception of the respondents regarding the marketing strategies of Mang Inasal when grouped according to age, gender and civil status, occupation, monthly income and educational attainment generally resulted to no significant difference on product, price, place, promotion, packaging, positioning and people. Thus, null hypothesis is proven accurate

For statement of the problem number 4, Preference of the Customers

Majority of the respondents visits Mang Inasal once a week and almost all of them avail meals with unlimited rice. Furthermore, most of the customers prefer to order Paborito Meal 2 - Pecho or the breast part of the chicken because it has the biggest portion among other Paborito meals also it is part of the signature dish of Mang Inasal which is Chicken Inasal, moreover almost half of them chooses halo-halo to go with their meal. Therefore the researchers conclude that Paborito Meal 2 - Pecho is the product most frequently ordered by the customers. The researchers recommend to retain offering Paborito Meal 2 - Pecho

For statement of the problem number 5, Problems Encountered by the Respondents

Majority of the respondents indicated the top problems that they have encountered in Mang Inasal which are that Mang Inasal were served not fully cooked chicken, has poor ventilation and unclean tables. Therefore Mang Inasal serves not well done chicken, the establishments have poor ventilation and has unswept tables. The researchers conclude that Mang Inasal should have a standardized timed cooking, process, inspection from time to time must be conducted, have proper ventilation in the area and they should observe cleanliness at all times.

For statement of the problem number 6, Solutions Offered by the Customers

The respondents suggested solutions to address the problems they’ve encountered. Most of the respondents suggested to have a timed cooking process in order to cook their food perfectly or at least well done, to have a proper ventilation and to observe cleanliness at all times. The researchers conclude that the respondents recommend Mang Inasal to have a timed cooking process, to have a suitable air flow around the area and keep the environment clean at all times. The researchers recommend Mang Inasal to consider the solutions that were offered by the customers.

Dacquel • Domingo • Lecaros • Morales • Pantollana
For statement of the problem number 7, Proposed Marketing Program
Based on the findings, the researchers have come up with a marketing program in terms of:

– Mang Inasal should include in their training programs for employees the standardized timed cooking process in order for them to serve perfectly cooked chicken. if not observed they must replace the not fully cooked chicken with new chicken. This will help Mang Inasal to avoid serving not fully cooked chicken because it will be an additional cost for them. and have feedback forms for customers to relay their concerns and suggestions on the food, drinks and services offered by Mang Inasal.
– Mang Inasal should maintain the price they offer for their product but lessen the servings in order to balance the profit and deal with inflation.

– Mang Inasal should improve ventilation and renovate the open kitchen to closed kitchen so that customers will be more comfortable and to make the place more convenient. Estimated cost of renovation for each store is P4.5 million. If all the ten (10) branches are to be renovated, Mang Inasal would spend P45 M.

- Provide more advertisements with influential personalities to encourage more of the consumers to patronize Mang Inasal both in ATL (Above The Line Advertisements) and BTL (Below The Lines Advertisement). Also, Mang Inasal should offer discount coupons to loyal customers to encourage them more to eat in Mang Inasal.
- Retain the implementation of Non-styro and plastic and continue the use of eco- friendly packaging like banana leaf in wrapping rice and bamboo sticks used to cue in when grilling chicken.

- Encourage consumers to eat with hands by including it in advertisements in media like Television commercials, radio and billboards.

- Motivate and retain employees by providing benefit programs, team buildings, employment securities and good working environment for them to effectively work in Mang Inasal and serve customers.

Therefore the researchers have developed a proposed marketing programs for Mang Inasal and recommend to follow the proposed marketing program.

# teamMANG
Nearly all of the respondents strongly agree that the presentation and aroma of the food of mang inasal are apealing with reasonable prices that are precise with the serving portion of the food. almost all of the respondents strongly agree that mang inasal has enough tables and chairs to accommodate all their costumers, uses noticeable billboards and packaging that are plastic and styro free. people see Mang Inasal as the first food chain to offer unlimited rice and soup with accommodating employees
Based on the findings, the conclusions drawn are the appearance and how the food smells in Mang Inasal is appetizing with prices that are just with the serving portion, that Mang Inasal can accommodate their customers with enough tables and chairs , uses billboard advertisements that are evident, and uses plastic and styro free packaging, first to offer unlimited rice soup and the hospitality of its employees.
Based on the conclusions the researcher recommend Mang Inasal to maintain and improve the appetizing food they offer, maintain offering prices that are reasonable, continue to provide tables and chairs, to accommodate customers, maintain using billboards that are noticeable, maintain packaging that are plastic and styro free, preserve their established name and continually provide accommodating employees.
Selected Branches of Mang Inasal:
Barangay Olympia
Centre Point Bldg, Pasong Tamo
Dayap (near Cash & Carry)
Filmore MCI Palanan
MRT Ayala
Makati Square
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