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on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of BIG HAT DAYS

The History behind Big Hat Days
Treats at Big Hat Days
Clovis...A Way of Life!
Why do we wear big hats?
Fun For Everyone!
After all that walking, you're bound to be hungry so let the BIG Hat Days food vendors take care of that appetite. If you're looking for some delicious snack type food, stop at the kettle corn, shaved ice or chocolate covered fruit or hot pretzel trailers along Pollasky Ave. If barbeque, Mexican food, corn dogs or shrimp filled artichokes are your forte, go to the Bullard Food Court.

Even though there is a lot of shopping for mom and dad, there are rides for kids too! There are spinning teacups, bounce houses, car races, and even pony rides! There is something fun for kids of every age at Big Hat Days!
Tuesday, March 17 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
A GIANT celebration!
Big Hat Days is the Central Valley's biggest celebration! Every April, people from all over the Central Valley to eat yummy food, ride carnival rides, listen to concerts, and spend time with family. Over 140,000 visitors fill the streets of Old Town with their giant hats!

We wear big hats to celebrate the cowboys and farmers who worked so hard to help Clovis. Their hats helped block the sun and dirt from getting to their faces while they worked long hours! Big Hat Days is a celebration for everyone to say thank you to the people of Clovis!
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