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Quick intro to MRI and fMRI

Watch screencast: . Originally a 10 minute presentation delivered in Freiburg, Germany in November 2010 for Freiburg's first 'Science Slam'. Daniel Gallichan.

Daniel Gallichan

on 25 July 2017

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Transcript of Quick intro to MRI and fMRI

I'm a Physicist and I can read your mind
Daniel Gallichan
not like this...
but more like this...
My research is on MRI
Magnetic Resonance Imaging
So what is MRI? How does it work?
How can it read my mind?
Start with a big magnet
not like this...
but more like this...
So that explains MRI...
But what about the mind reading..?
This takes around five minutes...
But this takes just three seconds...
So you can repeat it many times and watch for signal changes
So I may not be able to tell WHAT you are thinking...
But I can tell WHERE you are thinking
which is why
Thank you
And thanks to: - for presentation software - for example data - for 3D movie generation - for the cartoon
And all the other places I shamelessly stole stuff from the internet...
(Thompson and Kosslyn, 2000)
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