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Night Final Project

I, Darryne Henderson did all of the work. :))

Darryne Henderson

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Night Final Project

"Never shall I forget those moments that murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to ashes." This quote supports that Wiesel is losing faith of his own "God". It also supports that he has gotten his dreams crushed by witnessing the Holocaust and everything he is now going through.

Night Final Project
"Crisis in Faith"
By: Elie Wiesel

Leader: Darryne Henderson
Media Specialist: Pablo Herrera
Research Specialist: Anthony Gil
Technology Specialist: Luis Rivera
Problems Wiesel has faced
In the novel, Wiesel encountered many mental and physical problems. He had faced many obstacles that he had never faced before. This was a new experience for Wiesel, unfortunately it was a horrible one. Wiesel had said he had convinced himself that "no they were dead, otherwise I surely would have lost my mind." He is referring to when he had seen the bodies being thrown into the fire to burn.
Wiesel's Sacrifice
Wiesel has had many chances from the beginning to escape. From when he found out where the jews were being taken to, which was the concentration camps. He could have left the town an fled somewhere far away but he sacrificed his freedom to warn the town and sadly nobody believed him.

Throughout the novel Wiesels religious beliefs deteriorated as his journey grew longer and became tougher. He often questioned himself if there was an actual god.
Wiesel's loss of faith
Pg. 34
"Never shall I forget those flames that consumed my faith forever". This quote supports that Wiesel was losing his faith of surviving throughout the whole book. It also supports that Wiesel already lost his faith in the first night that he was in the camp.
Wiesel's loses faith in God
Pg. 34

Encounters Wiesel experienced
"Never shall I forget that night, the first night in camp that turned my night into one long night seven times sealed" Wiesel said after he remembered those children whom have been burned and turned into smoke in the air he breathed. That was a very traumatic experience for Elie.

What happened during the camps
During the camps, Wiesel encountered many different things from torture to mistreatment to a non proper eating schedule and living environment. Those living conditions were in despicable and non healthy. They did not have proper meals,
Throughout the novel Wiesel encounters enormous difficult and uncomfortable situations. He witnesses several traumatic events and is paranoid for life from them. He battles through the challenges and eventually survives the camp and he is eternally grateful to have had lived through that all even though he experienced many life threatening events.
Is Ellie Wiesel a fraud?
Based on Brother Nathaenal's video on Wiesel being a fraud, I can say that Wiesel does look like a fraud. Brother Nathaenal's evidence on Ellie Wiesel seems very accurate, because there is no pictures or evidence that Ellie Wiesel does not have a tattoo on his arm of his number.
Is Ellie Wiesel a fraud?
In Brother Nathaenal's video on Ellie Wiesel, he has evidence that there was no Ellie Wiesel in the camp. Ellie Wiesel said he was tattooed with the number "A7713" and his father's number was "A7712", but according to the facts, the number "A7713" was assigned to a very different person named "Lazar Wiesel". The number "A7712" was assigned to his brother, Abraham Wiesel.
Brother Nathanel's view on Jews
Based on Brother Nathaenal's other videos on youtube, he dislikes the jews. Brother Nathaenal grew up as a Jew, but he then turned Christian. He then showed hate against the zionist movement.
Brother Nathaenal's hate against Zionism.
In Brother Nathaenal's Youtube channel, he has a lot of videos supporting that he is against the Zionist movement. The Zionist movement was a goal of a creation and support of a Jewish national state in Palestine. Brother Nathaenal was totally against it, but it came true for the Jewish.
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