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PREZI ambassador Guadajalara, Jal., México.

Pedro Daniel Pérez

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of PREZUMX

Hello! nice to meet you! More Info... Guadalajara
Jalisco, México. PEDRO DANIEL PÉREZ PAREDES perez.pd@hotmail.com
perez.ppd@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/peter.lemon.14 http://prezi.com/user/ppp20754 100% Tapatio PEDRO DANIEL PÉREZ PAREDES PEDRO DANIEL PÉREZ PAREDES PEDRO DANIEL PÉREZ PAREDES PEDRO DANIEL PÉREZ PAREDES and every student
can be part of this Exist a few Facebook Open Group,
for every student in the campus There you can share
any event or idea student societies Why you believe you would make the best ambassador for your campus? it's not about to be the best... ...it's about help people to do their best. that makes you a better person, in every single day. "don't be selfish" "help them" "no seas egoista" "ayudales" In a restaurant;
"La Cocina de Tommy"
-i was a waiter, delivery man
and General assistant;
Because it was a micro enterprise.
-i worked from June to Dec 2006.
in Guadalajara, Jal. In a Call Center;
"Juridico Putz & Asociados"
-i was a business agent;
i charged customers who did not pay ,
and wanted them to buy the service again
- worked from June to Aug 2009.
in Monterrey, NL.
Only for a season. -with my parent;"Pedro Enrique Pérez flores"
-i was an Auxiliary technological resources;
-i gave technical support and upgrade
to computer;
-i worked from Aug to Sep 2010.
in Guadalajara, Jal.
Only for project. -in a Legal and Accounting Office;
"Corporativo Soto y Asociados, S.C."
-i was an Administrative assistant;

-i charged and collected
the monthly paperwork and help
file after accountant finish work.
-i worked from
feb 2012 to March 2013
-in Guadalajara, Jal. oh!, about my work experience I've worked... Which PREZI value you believe is the most important? Surprise yourself Imagine be curious... why?! dream the only constant is the change.... think! What if?... What else?... so... Be curious! How to awaken the curiosity? Create my work group, with friends who integrate student societies in the both groups, to promote the project Create a manual access to PREZI
about how to get EDU subscription,
and offer simple instructions to
sync your profile with Facebook Use the social media to share the virtual
manual access of PREZI. and get a feedback
from users, about how to use all the
profits of PREZI. gracias! for your attention.
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