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Prezi 1.

Prezi for PP conference

Will Varnam

on 9 June 2010

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Transcript of Prezi 1.

'I don't need an ePortfolio I'm doing War Studies!' Short, optional training session Not encouraged within subject area Personal study commitments PebblePad My journey with Institute for Learning Enhancement Being in an 'E'nvironment... Time
How do I use PebblePad? Selectively record, store and reflect WebFolios, Blogs and multimedia I like how PebblePad puts you in the driving seat and lets you do the driving - It's easy for ME. PebblePad iPhone App This is our office Great for attending conferences... ...or updating on the move Like this one! Sure, PebblePad's great. But I don't have the time... Graduate Attributes Global Citizenship Knowledgeable & Enterprising Digitally Literate I graduated, and got elected... Had the technology been available whilst
I was studying... Would they have made a difference to my experience?
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