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No description

Kyla Costa

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of Hobbies

What is a hobby? An activity that you enjoy doing Something of your choosing An interest unique to your tastes and talents Who can have a hobby? Everyone and anyone, anywhere in the world Young or old, you can always have a hobby Lets have a look at some examples... Active hobbies Dance Tennis Swimming Hockey Gymnastics Football Martial Arts Yoga Running Fencing Cycling Rugby Creative hobbies Model Making Playing an instrument Drawing ..................... Singing Painting Collecting Acting Baking Gardening Sculpting Miss Costa's hobby is........... Cooking worm noodles!!! Only kidding!!! On the radio Travel Presenting at Radio Jackie Some things you might like to know about my hobby.... Mrs Barr lives here! Why is it good to have a hobby? Spend time doing something that you love
an active hobby can keep you fit and healthy
You can make new friends
Achieve goals eg. grades in Dance or belts in Karate
Build your confidence
Experience success How do I find a hobby? Miss Costa's advice:

Have a think about an activity that really interests you Get involved in after school clubs or classes outside of school Ask your friends and family about their hobbies. Who knows, maybe someone will have a hobby that interests you too! Miss Costa's hobby (for real this time) is.................... My job is to help people in South West London drive home safely Thanks for lending me your ears!
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