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Lord of the Flies - Chapter 1

Student Teaching - IPT Placement 2012

brittany ratcliffe

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies - Chapter 1

Chapter 1 - "The Sound of the Shell" Summary A plane evacuating a group of English school boys from their homes during a war is mistaken for a military craft and shot down. The plane crashes onto a tropical island, leaving an imprint where it landed - the "scar." The storm washes the plane off of the island. Ralph and Piggy are the first characters Golding introduces, and after some small talk they must decide what to do next. They come upon a lagoon where Piggy sees a conch, and he convinces Ralph to use it to call for other survivors. Summary Continued... One by one the other boys show up after hearing the call of the conch. Jack Merridrew brings his troop of choir boys, acting as the clear leader. It is decided that a leader is needed for all of the boys, and after an election Ralph democratically gains the title of chief. Ralph gives Jack the role of leader over the choir boys, who are to take on the role of hunter. Summary Continued... Next, Ralph decides the boys must find out if the land is truly an island. He takes Jack and Simon on an adventure with him, denying Piggy the chance to join. They reach a rocky part of the island where they have to move a large boulder in order to continue. They continue up the mountain and verify that they are indeed on an island. On the way back down the boys come across a piglet that is tangled in the "creepers." Jack raises his knife as if to kill the group a meal, however after a long hesitation, the pig escapes. He promises that next time he won't let the pig get away. Characters in Chapter 1 Ralph Physically: Described as a 12 year old "attractive" & "fair" boy with wide and heavy shoulders, those of a future boxer, who also has a "mildness" about his eyes and mouth (9-10). Jack comes across to the other boys as a good leader (because of his attractiveness and possession of the conch (22)), and is elected as the "chief" of the group. Piggy Physically: Described as a fat boy with asthma and glasses, wearing a "grubby" wind-breaker and lives with his aunt(9-10). In the first chapter, Piggy comes across as an intelligent and reasonable boy, however his suggestions are mostly discounted and he is mocked by the other boys Jack Merridew Physically: Described as
dressed in a black cloak
which covered his body
from his throat to his
ankles and black cap with a gold badge (19) He is tall, thin, and bony with red hair, blue eyes, and a freckled face. Jack is the leader of the choir group, and is described as the most obvious choice for a leader on page 22 despite his loss in the election. Others: Lilltluns - The small boys
Sam & Eric (Samneric)- The twins
Roger, Maurice, and Simon - Some of the choir boys who follow Jack. Roger is the next biggest in size next to Jack. Maurice is described as quiet. Simon is the choir boy who fainted. Important Objects & Events from Chapter 1 The Conch Piggy finds the conch and convinces Ralph to use it as a horn type device to call for other survivors (15-17). What do you think the shell symbolizes in chapter 1? "Him with the shell... Let him be chief with the
trumpet-thing. (22)" The trio's encounter
with the piglet On the way back from the adventure up the mountain, Ralph, Simon, and Jack come across a piglet trapped in the "creepers" (31). Though this pig could mean food for the group, Jack hesitates to lower his knife and make the kill. The pig escapes and the boys miss out on the chance for a good meal. By yourself or with someone beside you, discuss/think about what Golding may be suggesting here about human nature. Use evidence from the text. "There came a pause, a hiatus ... only long enough
for them to understand what an enormity
the down stroke would be" (31).
"They knew very well why [Jack] hadn't: because
of the enormity of the knife descending and cutting into living flesh; because of the unbearable blood" (31). Activity: Who would you choose? Although Ralph is ultimately elected leader, he is not necessarily the best suited for the job.
"None of the boys could have found good reason for this; what intelligence had been shown
was traceable to Piggy while the most obvious leader was Jack" (22).

In groups of 5, decide amongst yourselves who you think would be best suited as leader. You can choose from any character who was introduced in Chapter 1, however you must find textual evidence from the chapter to support your choice. You can use quotes or events from the chapter, but be sure to note the page number next to your evidence. Have at least 5 pieces of supporting evidence - one per group member.

Have one person from the group record your findings on the sheet of paper provided. Another member should be prepared to share with the class what the group came up with.
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