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WW I Weapons

By Xavier Bonney

Patricia Bonney

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of WW I Weapons

World War 1 Weapons Machine guns were the most deadliest weapons known during WW 1.
More people were shot and killed by machine guns than any other artillery pieces during this war. The rifle is a high powered weapon that fires long range and large bullets. According to http://library.thinkquest.org/J0110426/wwI/ww1.html,
70 different types of aircrafts were used in WW 1.
They could be equipped with bombs and machine guns. Aircrafts were used by everyone, but were not very accurate or effective. One of the most feared weapons... These guns were used to destroy enemy aircrafts. Many times it would shred it victims with no remorse. Germans were most successful when they used these types of artillery weapons. This weapon got its name because it literally throws fire! Torpedoes were the deadly explosives only available on naval ships.
These weapons were launched from the ships to swim through the water and explode into the enemy ships. This resulted in the soldiers aboard to abandon ship or sink slowly with it. zepplin- the zepplin was filled with bombs, guns, air, and other types of equipment. they later stoped using it for it was easily shoot down because of its speed The zepplin was the largest cargo carrier. It could hold different things such as: guns, planes, bombs, and other equipment.
During the war, the Germans used zeppelins as bombers. According to http://www.centennialofflight.gov/essay/Lighter_than_air/zeppelin/LTA8.htm,on May 31, 1915, the LZ-38 was the first zeppelin to bomb London, and other bombing raids on London and Paris followed. MACHINE GUNS TORPEDOES RIFLES... Inside & Out! A bolt action rifle was the most used type by infantrymen in WW 1 and was invented by a Scottish immigrant to the United States. Different types of rifles The Lee-Enfield rifle from 1907 was the most used by the British Army. Accuracy was best when shooter was up to 656 yards away, but could easily kill from 1531 yards away. World War I Aircrafts By Xavier Bonney According to... http://www.historylearningsite.co.uk/tanks_and_world_war_one.htm
the idea for tanks came from farming vehicles. It was a heavy unit meant to take damage but deliver even more. During WW 1 it took three men to use but was usually mounted with a machine gun and soldiers on top firing weapons. Although it was unreliable and many were not well trained on it, it helped in ending trench warfare. TANKS ZEPPLINS CHEMICAL WEAPONS A handgun was not used by soldiers unless they were out of ammunition. Unlike a rifle, it was not meant for long range situations. WW1 HANDGUNS The handgun was traditionally issued to military officers, police, pilots, and tank operators. When the war began there were three types of pistols being used: blow-back, revolvers and clip-loaded automatics. Anti Aircraft Guns FLAME THROWERS Flame throwers were mainly used to clear out trenches, burning its victim alive. The first flame thrower was invented in 1901. The shooter would be as far as possible from combat which ment he could fire without caution. The SNIPER RIFle They were mostly used for taking down high value targets or enemy machine gunners. Any Questions
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