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Lean implementation and Supply Chain Development at Oak Hill

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evalyn adan

on 5 July 2014

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Transcript of Lean implementation and Supply Chain Development at Oak Hill

Observations are as follows:
Inefficient Processes

1. Set up of the actual procedure hinder the production process.

2. Assembly sets are worn out.

3. Engineering department is pressured with workload.
Start Improving the Simplest materials that affect production
It was stated in the case that the metal bar used for leveling materials has become concave in shape. These small things can cause a great wastage, so we recommend that they observe and improve the quality of these faulty products.
Alternative Courses of Action/ Recommendation
Proper Application of Lean System

Lean system, as per definition, is a shared way of thinking to systematically drive out waste through designing and improving work of activities, connections, and flows.
Executive Summary
This case study encompasses the analysis and recommended courses of action for the lean implementation and supply chain development
Oak Hills.
Space Constraints, Worn out machines
1. It was mentioned in the case that a member of the team would have to go to the warehouse to restock the supply needed for a particular assembly.

2. Machines were old and worn out, increasing the chances of wastage.
Lean implementation and Supply Chain Development at Oak Hills
Statement of the Problem
A project team of students had been assigned to assist the Oak Hills manufacturing in improving their operations processes. Their observations were the main points of this analysis, which is the overview of the facility and product line.
Decreased Employee Morale/Employee Concerns
Impending merger with the mother company along with lack of communication affected employee morale. It was mentioned in the case that some employees had already been laid off.
Bottleneck at Quality Control Department
It was mentioned in the case that all seven press machines starts production at the same time. Given the load, it was hard for Quality Control Department to finish checking all the said items.
Simplify Flows
Simplify flow of production, starting from the input to output. It was mentioned that there are some steps in the production process that has to be stopped due to safety requirements.
Improve employee morale
Communication is the key. The employees would have to be able to accept changes, and they must not feel left out with the decisions for the company.
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