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Premier's Sport Awards Program (p.s.a.p.) Orienteering

Students will have fun and be challenged navigating in the classroom and nearby parks with basic map reading skills. Check out for information on p.s.a.p.’s Orienteering Made Simple Workshop for schools in BC.

Jennifer Fenton

on 8 January 2015

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Transcript of Premier's Sport Awards Program (p.s.a.p.) Orienteering

History of Orienteering
First began in Sweden in 1920
1965-first 5-day
O-Ringen event-
20,000 people
1967-Canadian Orienteering Federation
Today BC, AB, MB, ON, QC, NB, NS, and YT have thriving clubs
Today, 73 countries belong to the International Orienteering Federation
Map Talk
How Maps are made
How to Orient a Map
How to Travel with a Map
Outdoor Orienteering
Note control descriptions
Note control codes
Take map and control card
Mark on control cards in numbered box, with marker hanging from control
Premier's Sport Awards Program
A physical education fundamental skill development resource program designed to help instructors teach children and youth their basic sport skills.
p.s.a.p. Program History
Harry Jerome Legacy
Established in 1980
Supported by the Government of BC
Recommended by BC Ministry of Education and Learning Resources across Canada
p.s.a.p. Goals and Philosophy
Short & Long Term Goals:
to motivate children and youth to develop their basic sport skills
to support the development of a physically active lifestyle
Program Philosophy:
to foster a positive attitude
to promote a mastery skill learning approach
to recognize gradual progress
p.s.a.p. Components
Teaching the Basics Manuals
Skill Level Crests-Personal Goal Setting
Sport Specific Skill Posters
Compass Work
Rotate compass housing until N/S lines are parallel to and pointing in the same direction as the North lines on the map.
Remove compass from map.
With compass held level, rotate your body until magnetic needle swings and "fits" into the orienting (North) arrow of the housing. The direction of travel arrow now points to your desired direction.
Compass Parts

whistle, compass, water, course choice, safety bearing, out of bounds, report to finish
Place edge of base plate of compass from where you are to where you are going-direction of travel arrow must point toward destination.
Indoor Orienteering
Map Talk
Outdoor Orienteering

p.s.a.p. Four Easy Steps
MANUALS- $10 each in BC or $15 outside of BC.

POSTERS-$4 each or $6 outside of BC
Use the user-friendly lesson plans and have fun
Conduct the Skills Challenge if you want to...

Complete Skill Crests Order Form-FREE in BC or $1 outside of BC!
Recognize the Efforts
Physical Education
Active Living
Movement Skills
Safety, Fair Play, and Leadership
Alternative Environment Activities
Daily Physical Activity
Orienteering Map
Draw course on map
by inspection
by compass
aerial photo/basemap
magnetic north
holding and folding
handrails/checkpoints/catching features/attack points the sport
of navigation
with map and compass
School Yard Map
Orienteering in Action
Math, Sciences, Health and Career Education, Social Studies
Next Steps
for BC clubs, events, maps
for national info
Post-Activity Discussion
Refer to p.s.a.p. orienteering manual
not all those who wander
are lost...
A thinking sport...
First smart
then swift...
Skills Challenge
1. Skills Progression
2. Challenge System
Sporting Spirit

Go with a partner, be back by a specified time, and have a watch per pair
For Practicing:
For participants on a course:
for Lower Mainland info and park maps
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