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Advance Excel Training Introduction

A brief of what we do at Advance Excel Training. Why do you need it.

Hemant Chauhan

on 20 September 2016

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Transcript of Advance Excel Training Introduction

Advance Excel

So after 2 nice cups of coffee & your dedicated attention to this , lets do a demo at your office and see how we can work to help you work 500% better then ever ;-)
Thank you & Good Day
And lastly ....

Handphone : +91.98290-17939
Landline : +91.141.5117779
(Call Between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Excel is one of the most common but sadly the most underutilized peice of Software in offices.
There is a truck load of Excel info available on google and loads of books in the market, but still we dont see the kind of output or reporting that one can have from Excel
Reduce dependency on 3rd party softwares or MIS software expenses. Do your OWN MIS, that suits you 100% & not what a programmer thinks is right for you
What it is about ?
How we go about it ?
Benefits to you ?
We believe it is never about the technology , but what you can do with the technology.
An average experience tells us that hardly 5% of the power of Excel is used by the professionals.
So we i.e. our team has designed a training program just for the corporates & Excel users to increase their productivity by upto 500%.
We have designed a 100% practical training program which helps you learn the logic and grammer of Excel
That means you dont have to mug the formulas, that is what even the Excel help file does , and it does'nt helps much right !!
So, 15 to 20 sessions of 60 minutes each , not daily , nice practical stuff you need to understand and implement your MIS or do data analysis at your office.
And we call this
"Excel PROKIT"
Train yourself and your existing team to be better and efficient professionals, no need to hire expensive new staff for managing your IT or MIS
Applicable for every concievable business model, Startups, Entreprenuers, Manufacturing , Exports, Jewllery, Logistics, Service Industry, Trading , C&F, distribution , Financial Modelling , Accounts & everything else you can think of.
One Needs to be an existing Excel user to participate in this program.
We do not do other Office applications , we are just about EXCEL. So we wont go for Powerpoint or Word training , those are basically no-brainers and we dont like doing that.
We also do basic excel training (this has come due to public demand)
We do corporate batches, so you may ask for special corporate discounts.
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