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Money Cycles

No description

Chris Ritchie

on 31 December 2012

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Transcript of Money Cycles

1. There must be a Product or Service
Supplier and Manufacturer 2. There Must Be a Customer 3. Customer Always Pays 4. The Business that supplies Products or Service must add Value! 5. To be in Business the process must Repeat Every Business is ALWAYS Exchanging exchanging: Verb Giving one thing and receiving another (esp. in similiar type and perceived value) in return Exchange Cycles Time, Energy, Product, Money Business Flow Manufacture Service Supplier Time Energy Customer Money Money Cycles "In" "Between" "Out" "Around" Money Coming Money Rests in the "Vault" waiting to move at the Business' Command "Between" Transactions "IN" From Money Moving "Out" Too Wealth is created by the flow of money that returns to the Cycle.
"IN" with Greater Volumes and Lesser Cost Golden Rules Of Business The Money Highway is always in constant motion
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