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Learner driven strategies and technologies for effective engagement with MOOCs

RIDE conference, I November 2013

Sheila MacNeill

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Learner driven strategies and technologies for effective engagement with MOOCs


Learner driven strategies and technologies for effective engagement with MOOCs

Sheila MacNeill

- learners watch lectures throughout course, but attempt very few assessments

- learners attempt majority of assessments offered in course
- learners attempt assessments at beginning of the course, but then sparsely watch lectures or disappear entirely

- learners briefly explore course by watching a few videos
Learner Trajectories
* = completed
No cost/no risk = exploring
No cost/no risk = empowering
No cost/no risk = distraction by “other things”
No cost/no risk = no problem if you drop out

MOOC-ing - why ?
Image: M. Branson Smith
MOOC-ing - what’s it like?
Image: Giulia Forsythe: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gforsythe/7549370822/
"M" doesn't = magic
Not completing doesn’t = failure
Expect chaos and confusion
Experiment and share
Ban the use of "lurking"
Have fun
Be realistic
Confidence and digital literacies key

Final thoughts
3 C's confidence,context, community,
strategy for coping
self reflection, extending peer network
academic opportunities
What have I got from MOOC-ing?
Deconstructing disengagement: analyzing learner subpopulations in massive online courses: http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?doid=2460296.2460330
on track -did weekly assignment on time

did the week assignment, but finished after the due data

Auditing - watched videos but did not do the assignment

Out - Did not interact with the course either through videos or assignments
Some Engagement labels
My MOOC Timeline
Massive ?
Open ?
Online ?
Course ?
Use familiar online spaces (particularly at the start)
Don't try and be everywhere and read everything
Simple SNA (e.g.tags explorer) can help with understanding community interactions
Try something new each week and share

My MOOC timeline
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