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olivia whitaker

on 27 March 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

The americans were very pore most of the solders could not afford uniforms so they would just ware what ever they could.
How They Dressed
When the solders were camping at valley Forge they had no materials so they had to have it transport in wagons.
Although the british were able to afford uniforms for all there solders and they had better training. they would stay in the some position so lots of them were killed.
Camp At Valley Forge
When the solders were camping at valley forge they had no utensils to cook with so they had to bring there own.
During the Boston Tea Party the americans dressed up as Mohawk indians to get past the guards.
The Boston Tea Party

Also they had no shoes so they had to wrap there feet in cloth. to stay warm.
When the brought there own the only were aloud to bring a spoon a fork and some times a bowl.
When they got on the boat they poured all tea into the Boston harbor.
The battle
on the battle field the americans would hide behind things to shoot.

The british would always be in a strait line to shoot they would never change position.
To Be A Solder!
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