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Harsh Goudiya

No description

Ameeth Evans

on 24 July 2013

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Transcript of Harsh Goudiya

Harsh - Saving a drowning Issue
Customer had placed an order on the 3rd and the same reached the DC - INR on the 4th. She reached out to Myntra on the 5th and the call landed to Harsh Goudiya. The customer frantically insisted that her order be delivered to her on the same day itself since she was to leave town that day.
Harsh politely informed the customer that he would do the best he can to get the order delivered and escalated the issue to the relevant department. Post the call Harsh made all ends meet in trying to escalate it to the relevant team which would help him to resolve the issue at the earliest. Harsh went out of the way and even tried contacting the DC Manager to get the order delivered. He was told that all the TDA's were out for deliveries and it would be highly impossible for the delivery to be done at such short notice but will try.
The Customer having lost all hope since she was about to leave reached out to us to request for the order to be cancelled. The INR - DC however going completely out of the way arranged for a TDA to get the order delivered immediately. The order went OFD shortly and the same was delivered within an hour to the extremely delighted and astonished customer just as she was to leave.
Splendid job Harsh!!! You made sure that this would be the most memorable experience for the customer with Myntra. You proved that as long as we try and give it our best shot nothing is impossible. This kind of experience will undoubtedly go a long way in building the customer loyalty that Myntra is trying to achieve from our customers.
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