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hunter blemings

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of SPACE JUNK

HOW DANGEROUS IS SPACE DEBRIS?? space debris is a big danger because a suger cube of space junk is equill to standing next to a exploding hand granade at inpact SPACE DEBRIS here is a chart that shows the uprising amount of space junk in our galaxy alone from 1950 - 2010 space junk also known as orbital dibris,space junk and also space waste is the collection of defunct objects in orbit around earth. this includes every thing from spent rocket stages old satilite fragments from disengration erosion collisions and it even can come from astronauts garbage since orbits overlap with new spacecraft debris may collide with operational spacecraft. currentlly about 19,000 pieces of dibris larger then 5 cm are tracked with another 300,000 pieces smaller then 1 cm bellow 2000 km altitude. for camparison it orbits in the 300 - 400 km range and both the 2009 and 2007 colisions test events occured at between 800 -900 km from earth BOOM!! Natural space debris consists of small pieces of cometary and asteroidal material called meteoroids. We see these as meteors when they travel through the Earth's atmosphere. Where Does Artificial Space Debris Come From?

Satellites that have reached the end of their life
Satellites and spacecraft that have failed
Rocket stages that have launched satellites into space
Nose cones, payload covers, shrouds, bolts and other launch hardware
Solid propellant slag
Space activity cast-aways (accidental or deliberate), eg wrenches, human waste
Deterioration fragments, eg peeling paint
Fragments from exploding batteries, fuel tanks (not totally empty), etc
Fragments from collisions, both accidental and deliberate Artificial space debris is any non-functional man-made object in space (usually orbiting the Earth). Space debris comes in two types - Natural and Artificial. = suger cube this picture just gives a example that it is not just machinery and electronics that is space
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