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Cupid and Psyche

Honors English 10

Catherine Ziller

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of Cupid and Psyche

Her father was a king
She has two lovely sisters
She is the youngest in the family
Her beauty was so much greater than that of her sisters that she was considered to be a goddess
Psyche never fell in love at all
The men would only admire her, never love her
Even her inferior sisters got married to kings
Psyche's Family
Apuleius, a Latin writer, is the only source for the story
Latin/Roman names are used for the gods
Cupid & Psyche
Cupid & Psyche
Psyche's Beauty
Men journeyed to see her, and many treated her like a true goddess
Now who could possibly be mad about this?
Because of Psyche...
Venus' temples were being neglected
Venus wasn't receiving offerings
Venus' favorite towns were left to ruin
Venus goes to her son, Cupid
also known as Love
typically does the bidding of his mother, Venus
there is no defense against his magical arrows
Venus' Plan
She tells Cupid to make Psyche fall in love with the most vile and despicable creature in the world
Not Such A Great Plan After All...
Venus underestimated the beauty of Psyche
For from the second Cupid saw Psyche, he was in love with her
Yet Venus still had the utmost confidence that he would ruin Psyche's life
What happened?
Her Father's Fear
Her father went to the oracle of Apollo
Cupid had already asked for Apollo's help
The oracle said that Psyche must be taken to a mountain and left there
Here, a winged serpent would make her his wife (and hopefully not eat her)
Psyche on the Mountain
She was dressed as if she was preparing for death
They carried her up to the top of the mountain then left
She was prepared for the end to come
Psyche Gets off the Mountain
She sat in the darkness for a while
The gentle breathing of Zephyr came through her and lifted her up
She was taken to a meadow
Here, she fell asleep
Psyche Wakes Up
She woke up in front of a mansion on a river bank
She walked up to it
As she was about to walk in, she heard voices
The Voices
They told her that the house was for her
They told her to take a bath before the banquet that was being prepared
The voices told her that they were her servants
Psyche's Husband
During the day, she never saw her husband
At night, he was with her, and while she could not see him, she knew that he was not a monster
Psyche's Mysterious Husband's First Warning
Psyche was never completely satisfied in this relationship
Her husband warned her that her two sisters were bringing danger
He told her that they would be mourning for her on the mountain where she 'died.'
He warned her not to let them see her
Psyche's Weakness
She was miserable about not being able to comfort her sisters
Even her husband tried to comfort her
He told her to do what she wanted but to know that it could be her ruin
The Husband's Second Warning
He told her not to be persuaded by anyone to try to see his face
If she did, they may be separated forever
Psyche's Response
She told him she would never do such a thing
However, she begged to see her sisters
He agreed to let her
Psyche Is Reunited With Her Sisters
The two sisters were brought down from the mountain by Zephyr
They were silent for some time due to their joy
They entered the palace and were amazed and quite jealous
Their Jealousy
They ask who her husband is
Psyche sends them away with gold and jewels to take home
They left with envy in their hearts
They plotted to ruin her
Her Husband's Third Warning
That night he warned her once again
She would not listen
She did not want to be separated from her sisters
Once again, her husband gave in
The wicked sisters came with their evil plot prepared
The Sisters' Plan
The sisters had assumed that Psyche did not know what her husband looked like
They told her that they knew that her husband was really the winged serpent that Apollo's oracle spoke of
They said that while he may be nice now, he most likely planned to devour her
Psyche's Reaction
She was overwhelmed by terror
She understood why he would not let her see him
She could not defend him, because she had never seen him for herself
She begged them for advice
Their Advice
They told her to hide a knife and a lamp near her bed
When her husband falls asleep, she must get the knife and the lamp
When she saw the 'frightful being' she must stab it
The sisters would be there to get her when she had done this
Psyche's Mixed Emotions
She was torn
She loved him
But wait, he was a monster and she hated him
She must kill him
She can't kill him
She fought within herself all day
She was sure of one thing...
She would see him...
by: Catherine Ziller
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