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What Great Principals Do Differently

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Andrea Leatham

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of What Great Principals Do Differently

What Great Principal's Do Differently
It's People, Not Programs
The people are the problem and the people are the solution.

It's people that determine the quality of a school.

Treat Everyone With Respect, Everyday, All The Time!
Develop An Accurate Sense of Self
Who is the Variable?

Great principal's (and great teachers)
take RESPONSIBILITY for their own
performance and all aspects of their

We never forget that one time!

Great principal's create a positive atmosphere in their schools. In particular, they understand the power of praise.

We never forget that one time!
Great principal's have clarity
about who they are, what they do,
and how other's perceive them.
Be The Filter
We decide the tone
of our school.
Teach the Teachers
Hire Great Teachers
Wanted: Leaders
Hire for Talent
Experience is not the best teacher.
The best teacher is the best teacher.
Understand the dynamics of CHANGE
Standardized Testing
Great principals don't let hot-button issues change the focus from what really matters.
Focus on behaviour and
then focus on beliefs
Teachers generally do the best they know HOW to do.
If you want something to change,
you have to change something.
Great principals take the best behaviour and make it stick.
Positive outcomes reinforce change
and motivate a shift in beliefs.
Loyal to Whom?
Loyality means making decisions
based on what is best for students
Base every decision
on your best teachers.
Seek input in advance and
feedback after the fact.
In every situaiton ask who is most comfortable and who is least comfortable.
Make the people who do the
right thing feel comfortable.
Understand the high achievers.
Ignore minor errors and provide
autonomy and recognition.
What About The Bad Apples?
Make it cool to care.
Emotion can jump start change!
Don't Need To Repair
-- Always Do Repair
Some never need to repair but always do.
Others always need to repair but never do.
Clarify Your Core
Filter all your decisions
through your core values.
Set Expectations at the Start of the Year.
Set CLEAR expectations and
follow them CONSISTENTLY!
Deal with a negative or
ineffective staff members
- speak from the back of the auditorium (for
the staff at the back not listening)
- model appropriate behavoir when you go
about your job
- get out from behind the desk
- walk through classrooms
- send quick notes of thanks, say thank you
often and sincerely
- do what you need to but don't create busy
work logging tasks
- address bullies an ineffectual teachers --
they are your problem
- avoidance is not an acceptable strategy
by Todd Whittaker
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