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World after rome

No description

matt vanderlick

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of World after rome

Double click anywhere & add an idea Byzantine Empire Constantine was the founder of constantinple which was the center of the empire. Justinian was the emperor from 527 to 565 . He designed and built the Hagia Sophia. Justinian was best remembered for the reconquest of the west Icons are mosaics of religous figures greek was the main launguage used in the east
and during church sermons the patriarch is the pope of the east and lives in constantinople, but the priest didn't have to be celeibec baltic/black sea trade spread the cryllic alphabet and heavily influenced russia Islam muhammad was born on the arabian pennisula in the city of mecca he was exiled for spreading islam and traveled to the city of medina muhammad mounted up troops to take mecca for the muslisms islam is a monotheistic religion like christianity islam has a holy book called the quran like buddhism islam has a code for liveing called the 5 pillars of islam in islam jesus christ is a prophet so they accept jeudo-christian prophets during the muslism conquest they took jerusulem damsacus baghdad asia africa mesopotamia and throughout the persian and byzantine empires spread of the islamic religion and the arabic launguage took place due to the weakness of the byzantine and persian empires
stopped at the battle of tours in tours, france the sunni and shitte division took place due to sucession issues contributions the muslisms made to the ancient and modern worlds

dome of the rock
arabic alphabet/numbers
translation of ancient text to arabic to preserve grecko-roman knowledge
Western europe charles martel the grandfather of charlemagne won the battle of tours. charlemagne started the holy roman empire and during this period there was a brief revival of learning by the franks. the pope is the leader of the catholic church which started in rome priests did the ceremonies in latin and had to remain celebic monostaries preserved the grecko-roman knowledge feudalism was created due to the invasions of the vikings magyars and the angles/saxons the crusades was started by pope urban 2 was caused by the muslisms taking the holy city of jersulem pope urban 2 put the crusades into effect because the muslisms took the holy city of jersulem the crusaders killed and destroyed jewish communities on the way to jersulem the crusades effected europes culture greatly trade spread the black death like wild fire crusaders set up crusader states
didn't last long After rome fell the western world fell into chaos the eastern world on the other hand was thriving.
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