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Jara Marquez

on 29 February 2016

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Plantations are used for manufacturing purposes
They are inhabitable since chemicals are sprayed on to them –to protect from infestation and for immediate growth
Approximately 95% of the herbicides and pesticides sprayed onto these organisms affect more than what they’re supposed to do

Tree Plantation has a major impact on environment
Monoculture Has Many Disadvantages
The disadvantages of monoculture are numerous:

Leaves the soil weak and unable to support healthy plant growth.

Planting of one type of crop would mean that the land the plant is planted is exhausted of certain nutrients.

Creates the spread of pests and diseases, which must be treated with

Tree Plantations Use Monoculture for Business
Monoculture: the cultivation of a single crop in a given area.

Deforestation: The act of cutting down forests
Affects climate change
Loss of
carbon sinks
Increases the production of carbon dioxide gas
Approximately 1.5 billion tons of this gas is released into our atmosphere, yearly
alters the carbon cycle
When the plantation is no longer needed, it will be clear-cut, and will produce more carbon dioxide for 7 years
Why not just plant on non-forested soil?
Different species contribute to a balanced, nutritional and fertilized soil
Glyophosphate (Herbicide)

Percentage Present: 99.4%
Increases birth defects
Respiration problems
Weakens kidney & liver
Example: Chemicals Used On Christmas/Evergreen Trees
Contaminates groundwater, aquatic habitats
Depletes soil nutrition
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Tree plantation has many disadvantages with the environment
Many developing countries burn their native forests replacing them with imported plantation species
Native species will lose their homes, bringing in plantation trees will attract other invasive species
Having other animals coming can have the native species at risk
Many plantations use chemicals in trees, as a result the run off of these chemicals can get into nearby ponds, lakes and rivers
Soil is contaminated with pesticides and herbicides, these chemicals can intoxicate local animals/plants
Tree Plantations are not habitual, invasive and native species will be pushed out and will need to find a new home
From this
To this
Why monoculture?

Maximizes profit
Faster planting
Bigger harvest
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