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zombie outbreak

No description

Eliza Li

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of zombie outbreak

Finally About a Zombie Dead man rising Zombies have invaded the popular
culture of the 21st century, and under the scientific likelihood that they could happen to be our future predator, it requires the understanding of how they work to survive. Eliza's Declassified Zombie Survival Guide [P1] 1) Common Sense Eliza's Declassified Zombie Survival Guide [P3] 7) Relationships Eliza's Declassified Zombie Survival Guide [P2] 3) Food and Water Eliza's Declassified Zombie Survival Guide [P4] Primary Weapon (Far) Who (does it affect and infect)? Humans (affected and infected)
Animals (affected, but not infected, yet) What (are the characteristics)? Decomposing flesh
Very strong
Unresponsive pain detection system
Driven to kill and eat (motion/sound detectors)
Consciousness Deficit Hypoactivity Disorder
Poor eye sight (sensitive to light)
Slow and not agile
Killed by destruction of brain/decapitation When (will the virus take effect)? Far off in the future
Why not now?
legality Where (would it likely take place)? Densely populated areas
Poor countries
Drier climates
Not too cold/hot Why and How the Infection Works Many theories
But the most realistic is:
1)Doctor experimentation
2)Doctor infected
3)Doctor taken to hospital
4)Doctor unrestrained and starts infecting other patients
5)Patients infect staff
6)Staff infect families/friends
7)... Panic
Efficiency and effectiveness 2) Do NOT get caught Cardio / get or be in shape
Limber up (Zombieland, rule 18)
Zombies are not agile 5) Clothing Things to consider before you wear:
skin exposure
compatible for environment
storage space
agility 6) Shelter Group size
Do not argue!
Do not get attached
Rules and Regulations
If they're bit, don't get hit Secondary Weapon (Close) If you traveling in a group, carry:
assault rifle
sniper rifle
shot gun
WITH ENOUGH AMMO (1000-10,000 rounds) Melee
baseball bat
knife: machete/katana
taser Explosives Grenade
Molotov Cocktail
Oxygen tank
Gas tank
Fireworks aim for the head
double tap!!!
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