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Chinese Influence on Shogunate Japan

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Lara Miller

on 18 May 2013

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Transcript of Chinese Influence on Shogunate Japan

By Lara Miller Chinese Influences on Shogunate Japan Haiku Contact with China
New ideas discovered
Ways forever changed Chinese influences in Shogunate Japan China impacted Japan in many ways. One of the most important influences was The Chinese style of writing. Before the Chinese contacted Japan, The Japanese had no formal writing system, so they adopted Chinese Kanji. This is some Japanese art which shows some Chinese influences This is some Chinese Kanji Thanks For Watching! Japan learnt how to make paper, porcelain and how to design cities.

China also affected Japanese art, food and clothing. Introduction China was a bigger country than Japan when contact was first made. Although Japan was usually very closed-off to other countries, China's size made their ways of life appealing.

The main way China affected Japan was through trade. Another big influence was the introduction of the religions Buddhism and Confucianism to Japan from China.

These new religions forced others to define themselves, thus changing the lifestyle and culture of the Japanese.
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