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Spice Girls

No description


on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Spice Girls

Biography: Stage clothes: Personality: Steps: At first it was difficult, to learn some steps, so we had to see the video a lot of times. In the chorus, we tried to do the same steps that they, but it was very complicated and we invented two steps in common. Rehearsals: -1st day at Isa's house for 1 hour.
-2nd day at Susana's house for half an hour.
-We danced, we sang and we chose our clothes.
-We had problems with:
+ the choreography
+ the youtube video
+ the rehearsals time
+ the space. -British pop girl group.
-5 members
-They were signed to Virgin Records.
-Most famous song: Wannabe
-With their debut album ''Spice'' they sold over 80 million records Melanie Brown: she's the craziest girl in the group, so i had to learn some steps that she did a lot of times. It was very difficult, so i had to invented some steps. When we did the video i had to forget about the people because it was an embarrass situation. Melanie Brown: In the video, she wore a green t-shirt and checked, black trousers. So i got a normal t-shirt and black trousers and black trainers. Victoria: Were a black dress with black heels Victoria Beckham: Was the serious one, that character it wasn´t difficult for me because she didn´t do anything Geri Halliwell: She was the natty one. She only dances with one step so it was a bit difficult because I had to think up more steps. Geri: she wore a sequin bodysuit with black tights and very high black heels. Emma Bunton: She wore a white and
very short dress with trainers. Melanie Chisholm: She is wearing a top and sweatpants. On her feet she wears a pair of trainers. Emma Bunton : She wasn't so active and her
movements were based on moving her arms and
doing gestures characteristics of a posh. Melanie Chisholm: she was the sportsgirl , she was always moving and jumping. In the video she makes a piroutte but I took out that step.
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