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No description

Jake Nies

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of backflips

have you ever wanted to be able to do a backflip following these steps you can!

getting started
back flips are so fun and easy to do.
to start doing back flips i recomend you doing it on a trampoline.
you'll also want a spotter
a spotter is someone who spots you (making sure you dont fall on your head)
how did i start? my friend Henry taught me
getting it down
after a little while you should get it down
if you dont just keep practicing, practice makes perfect
once you got it down try with out your spotter.(still on the trampoline)

off the trampoline!
once you feel comfortable and controlled ou can start doing them on the mat, you'll need 2 or 3 mats. and i soft surface to land on. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE SOME ONE SPOT YOU! collin spots me in this video. so you start with the mat folded all the way. have it unfold one then two so on. im on to 0 mats now i work my way up onto mats
thank you so much for listening to my speech if you want to try this make sure you follow my steps and have a spotter. SAFETY FIRST.
have a good afternoon
without following the steps before, (start on a trampoline with a spotter) it can turn life threatning posibbly giving you a wheel chair forever...
this guy isnt very smart
again just keep on practicing!
heres a video of mw doing a backflip on a trampoline.
also your shoes and if your wearing pants can make a huge weight diffrence so once you get it on the ground without shoes you cant do it with shoes
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