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The Nature of Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching

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Edgar Aguirre

on 12 May 2012

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Transcript of The Nature of Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching

The Nature of
Approaches and Methods in LT

Thank you for your attention!
In teaching practice, in order to apply a method effectively and efficiently, teachers should take these questions in mind: who the learners are, what their current level of language proficiency is, what sort of communicative needs they have, and the circumstances in which they will be using English in the future,
and so on
And one more thing...
- Richards & Rodgers' design of method describes 6 features of DESIGN.
- Virtually all LT methods make the assumption that what teachers "do" in the classroom can be conventionalized into a set of procedures that fit all contexts (Brown, 2007). We are now aware that such is not the case.
"NO single method can guarantee successful results."
“The first step toward developing an approach to language teaching will be to turn back the clock about a century to learn from the historical cycles and trends that have brought us to the present day.”
Approach vs. Method
Jack C. Richards Video cast
"Changing Winds and Shifting Sands"
"The best methods are those that offer a teacher comfortablity and practity to apply in the classroom."

“A set of
dealing with
the nature of
learning, and

"was described
as an overall
plan for
presentation of
language based
upon a selected

“… were the
specific activities
manifested in the
classroom that
were consistent
with a method
and therefore
were in harmony
with an approach
as well”
Edward Anthony
Jack Richards and Theodore Rodgers
"Method was an umbrella term for the specification
and interrelation of theory and practice.”

beliefs, and
theories about
the nature of
language and

“Specify the
relationship of
those theories to
materials and

“Techniques and
practices that are
derived from one’s
approach and
General and Specific Objectives
Instructional material role
Richards, J. and Rodgers, (2001)
Types of learning/tteaching Activities
Learner roles
Teacher roles
A syllabus Model
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