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Beyond Toyota: How to Root out Waste and Pursue Perfection

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Gena Hoxha

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Beyond Toyota: How to Root out Waste and Pursue Perfection

Beyond Toyota: How to Root out Waste and Pursue Perfection
Define value precisely from the perspective of the end customer
- Specific product with specific capabilities offered at a specific price and time
- Differentiating value for customer from muda
Identify the entire value stream for each product and eliminate waste
- What is the value stream?
- Who controls the department?
- Purpose: Waste Elimination
Make the remaining value creating steps flow
- Creating work cells
- Work standardization
- Use of continuous flow
- Introduction of takt time
- Kaikaku team
- Reassignment of workers
- Information technology

Design and provide what the customer wants only when the customer wants it
- Customers want the product to be reasonably priced and delivered quickly
- Regroup machinery to be located next to one another
- Design and manufacture product in a sequence when the customer wants it
- Lead times fell to 14 hours
The Problem
- The disconnect of implementing lean thinking
- Example: Lantech
- Solution: Identifying 5 steps for lasting success
- Departments were separately defining value for themselves
- Congruent value
- Customers were satisfied with the wrapping machines
-This step was skipped during lean implementation
Pursue Perfection
- Commitment and continuity
- Continuous improvement
- There is no end to the process of reducing waste
- Lean thinking - relentlessly and continuously eliminating waste
- Total participation and involvement of the workforce
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