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The Girls

No description

yamilex ascencio

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of The Girls

The Girls The book is about two girls Ruby and Rose and they are conjoined by their heads. In the book they talk about their life. When they were born there mom left them because she dint want to take care of them. This married couple that couldn’t have kids adopted them they were Uncle Stash and Aunt Lovey. In there house they had a lot of mirrors because that’s the only way they could see each other. As they grew up they had some struggles but they made it through. They worked at a library to read books to kids and they both got paid. People usually stared at them but they got used to it. When they were teenagers they got pregnant and they gave up the baby for adoption because they couldn’t take care of the baby. As they grew up they didn’t have many friends but they dint really care. There parents came from Slovakia and they talked Slovak. In the book they take a trip to Slovak but they cant take many trips because Rose gets sick. By:Yamilex Ascencio Recommendation :) Summary I recomend this book to
AND GIRL because its interesting.
You will be grateful for
the life you haVE. sETTING The book takes
place in Ruby
and Rose's
adoptive parents
family farm
that has been
runing for many
eyars. Characters Ruby, Rose
Uncle Stash,
and Aunt Lovey The Author said that she
found inpiration in the
storty ofreal conjoined
twins Aunthors Inspiration "i told you you're getting fat.
God you look pregnant!"
(Lansens 150). Ruby is saying how rose
is getting fat because she is pregnant. It might be weird having two heads and one body and being
pregnant. They might have been born with problems, but that doesn't mean they can't be normal like other people.
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