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Wonder by RJ Palacio

No description

ally calmes(:

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Wonder by RJ Palacio

by RJ Palacio Wonder The setting takes place in New York just outside of Brooklyn. They live in a smaller house only a few blocks away from the school Auggie goes to, Beecher Prep Middle School. The school has 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Setting made by Ally Calmes Hope you enjoyed it! This is what Auggie's face might've looked like. Characters August Pullman: The main character, who has a facial deformity that has prevented him from going to school until 5th grade.
Jack Will & Summer: August's two closest friends and stick with August throughout most of the book.
Via: August's older sister that is starting high school the same year August is starting school.
Justin: Via's boyfriend.
Julian: The main antagonist, he is mean to both August and Jack throughout most of the book.
Mr. Tushman: The principal of August's school. Problem August hasn't gone to school at all in his life, and his parents have finally decided it would be best for him. Because of his facial deformity all but six or seven of the kids at his school are afraid to come near him. He gets bullied constantly by Julian, the bully of the school. Julian tries to get everyone against August & Jack & for a lot of the book it works. Major Events -August meets Summer on the first day of school.
-August cuts off his Padawan braid.
-August hears Jack Will saying that he's only friends with him because Mr. Tushman told him to be to Julian, and August stops talk to him for awhile.
-Via gets a boyfriend.
-August forgives Jack Will when Jack Will tells him he isn't going to be friends with Julian anymore and that he's really sorry.
-Via has the lead in the play and performs really well.
-August sleeps away from home for the first time (not including hospital stays) with his school at a two night camping trip.
-During the camping trip he almost gets beat up by some boys from a different school, but Jack Will and another boy help protect him. Resolution Once Julian gets all of the kids against August and his friends, everyone at the school realizes how immature it is to be mean to August. After August almost gets hurt at the camping trip everyone has more sympathy for him and everyone thinks that Julian is a mean person. At 5th grade graduation August gets the Henry Ward Beecher Award, which is the highest honor you can get at Beecher Prep, for being strong & pushing through all of the problems he had, and for being kind to everyone. "Choose kind" is the motto of the book.
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