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The daily life of Holocaust victims.

Madi Almond

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Holocaust

The daily clothing of Holocaust Prisoners Uniforms of the Prisoners The male prisoners wore a striped pant suit like uniform. It had certain numbers on it for differentiation between prisoners. The colors were usually black and grey. The prisoners were forced to wear these and nothing else. The female prisoners wore work dresses. Both genders wore work shoes or sometimes Clogs. As you may have inferred the prisoners emotions were definitley full of pity and pain. There is more though. The prisoners had to endure many hardships. Their closest friends and family members were viciously exterminated , their wives/ husbands brutally worked, people everywhere starving and dying. Victims of the Nazis were permanently scarred. Some prisoners did survive, but that didn't stop the horrid nightmares and memories of their capture. The Emotions of Prisoners The Emotional toils of Prisoners
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