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Short Story.

No description

Sol Guerrero

on 23 October 2011

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Transcript of Short Story.

Theme: It features some of the stock themes of the medieval tale of courtly love: the handsome young man who loves a beautiful married lady; his despair over being reused; his gallant sacrifice; and his process of learning courtesy and, above all, humility before he can hope for success. However, Boccaccio's characters do not come from the chivalric order, and this otherwise formulaic story is invested with a surprise ironic twist. Plot Structures Setting: Italy, 14th century.
-a time when the only way to win a woman over was through competition, dinners, and money. -Even though she was aware how much Federigo loved her, she never gave him the time of day to actually get to know him. Until the end when she paid him a visit. "I would much rather have a man who lacks money than money tht lacks a man." pg.176 "She knew Federigo had been in love with her for some time now, but she had never deigned to give him a second look." pg.174 Fedrigo's Falcon So.... Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr Narrative Hook: the author introduces us to a beautiful young woman *Mona Giovanna, who is kind as well, and a man *Federigo who is devoted to her and her love even tho she pays no intrest in him whatsoever, which then leads him to poverty due to the fact that he spends all his money trying to get her attention.
Rising Action: starts happening when Mona's husband dies so every summer she'd take her son out to the country near Federigo's farm, there the little kid starts hanging out with Federigo and his falcon.
Climax: Mona Giovanna's son becomes ill, his only request is to have Federigo's Falcon, so she has no choice but to go to Federigo's house and request the falcon.
Falling Action: The woman see's Federigo's true intentions and notices he's a noble man.
Resolution: Giovanna is forced to marry again since she is still young and beatuiful. She requests to marry Federigo even tho he is poor. Her brothers dont approve but she shows them he's a noble man. They marry and live happily ever after <3
-Federigo, a young noble man who is head over heals for Monna Giovanna, and does everything in his power to marry her. -Monna Giovanna, a beautiful young woman who doesnt care for anyone who is trying to win her over with money or materialistic things. - Monna's Son, a little boy who spends time with Federigo after his dad dies and eventually becomes attached to the falcon. -Monna's Brothers, they dont approve of her marriage with Federigo, eventually they do. -Monna see's how noble Federigo really is and decides to marry him, even tho he doesnt have money. She'd rather have an honest man as her husband than have a man with lots of riches who wont pay any attention to her. She wants someone who will care for her. "he took the bird, and finding it plump, he decided that it would be a worthy food for such a lady." -The falcon meant so much to Federigo. It was one of the fairest birds around. but in his eyes he felt like cooking the bird would be the beast feast for such a wonderful woman, even tho years back Monna never really appreciated him. pg.175
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