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Brad McPatrick

No description

Marie Tracy

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of Brad McPatrick

Status Update
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Brad is a college-aged boy who has overcome a lymphoma and aims to help others get through the same experience.
1. Friends and family
2. Religion & relationship with God
3. Loves to row
4. Helping others
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Brad had to stop attending college classes due to a life-threatening disease. After struggling through treatment and judgement from strangers in the hospital, he thankfully entered remission. He no longer looks like a cancer patient so he's able to fit back into society without many weird glares. He restarted school and picked up his old hobbies. However, he is older than many of his classmates and has more life experiences than many of them so he feels a little disconnected. Now, with a majority of his life left in front of him, he looks forward to being able to give back to others with similar situations.
Check this out!
1. Go back to school and have a chance to be a true college student
2. Have a chance to give back to others in similar scenarios
Pain Points
1. Recovering from toxins in his body
2. Judgement from strangers
3. Loss of normal college life
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Brad McPatrick
Something Brad is interested in.
Bounce-Back Brad
Brad's religion is important to him.

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