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Franks Home

No description

Cara Ubrihien

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of Franks Home

Frank Lowy
By Ella-Caite

Frank's Home
Frank was born on October 22nd, 1930. He lived with his father Hugo, Mother Ilona, two brothers and his sister in Czechoslovakia.
Finally in Australia
In 1950 Frank arrived in Australia, with not much money he found a job as a baker and stuck with it. He still didn't know that soon he would be Australia's richest man.
His long fight
After he was old enough Frank joined the army. He went and fought in Gallipolli and came back after the war.
Additional imformation
Frank now has a family with his wife Shirley, and three sons: Peter, Steven and David. In 2010 he was announced Australia's richest man and he hopes that his sons take over the family business. After around 60 years Frank was finally able to let go of his father and built a memorial for him and everyone else who died in the war.

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Famous Australian Refugee
Frank Lowy Quotes

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