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Week 7 CRM


An warn

on 28 February 2011

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Transcript of Week 7 CRM

Look at the list below. These are common distractions when people are talking. Put them in the order you think are the most (1) to the least (8) distracting.

Distracting Talking Habits

Foreign accent/regional accent
Talking too softly
Poor grammar/mispronouncing words
High-pitched voice
Talking too fast
Using erms, errs, “you knows”
Talking too loudly
Monotonous, boring voice
Voice skills
Using your voice
Word stress and pacing
Practice methods: sound scripting
Thinking in phrases
Pausing in the right place
Choosing the right words to pause on
Long chunks: sound more fluent
Short chunks: sound more emphatic
Word stress and pacing
Normally the stress is at the end of the chunk
Changing the stressed word can subtly change the meaning
Varying the speed keeps interest
Slow down - important points
Intonation helps establish your attitude:
A dramatic rise….. ….. Creates anticipation and suspense
A sharp fall…. ….. Gives weight and finality
Constant high level ….. ….. Says “Don’t interrupt”
Dropping voice …… ….. Says “I’m finishing the idea”
Use sound scripting method:

Write out parts of your presentation in a Word document
Read it aloud and decide where to pause
Decide which words to stress in each chunk
Practice pauses and stresses with script
Finally, practice intonation and pacing
thank you for listening
MarK Powell

More than a mouse.......
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