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Zoltan Bank's Prezume

for my portfiolio please visit: www.zoltanbank.com

Zoltán Bánk

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Zoltan Bank's Prezume

I want to be a part of a team
that reshapes thinking and
conquers the world.
2009 - 2011
2011 - 2012
2012 - Early 2013
2013 - So far
Working as a freelancer
2007 - 2009
for small companies. At this time I liked flash, and prepared works in
it primarily. I've created an online store for Redaster jewelry known from
WAMP, and some corporate websites. I learned the Actionscript. My aim was to win a FWA award, but it not turned out YET unfortunately.
Next grade
I put together a small team, we rented an office and all our time was
dedicated to redeeming the world. In addition a lot of customers, we
managed to work together with companies like Media Markt, Don Pepe, Aviva.
HTML and CSS replaced the Actionscript.
I founded a company
The Slashin Media was formed and besides being a designer, I undertook the company management. It was an interesting experience and a very intense
period for me. I worked with Insomnia advertising agency, UP agency and many own clients. I designed websites and advertising campaigns for including Erste bank, NDrive, Metlife, EMC2, Wordsmith and SkyCourt.
I laid a big focus on front-end development.
Responsive product development
Besides designing many websites, I headed to the product development.
At this time I'v created the segítettem.hu social site, the WMC TV broadcast
controller and the Eventdirect online event organizing applications.
During this period I've also done two very successful online store
the Berugok.hu and Terc.hu.
I created designs for Generali, CBA, Leier and for Bonbonetti.
I designed apps for iPhone and iPad. I also worked for Carnation Group
as an official partner.
My goal became to discover new areas.
I continued my career at Docler Holding, where I worked on
the responsive website for Il Bacio di Stile luxury mall
as a designer and development co-ordinator.
Because I’ve been amazed
by the progress and success the company achieved.
Because it would be
exciting and humbling to work with the best experts.
Because my aim is
to work at a company where I’m inspired every day
Unforgettable design
Simple UI
Pixel perfection
User friendly thinking
Clear codes
Happy thougts
My wife Dia
My cat Nancy
My apple iMac
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