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The People

No description

Kaylee Crews

on 8 March 2016

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Transcript of The People

Did you know fish are dying they have a big population problem two

Did you know The soil is getting way to hard to planet anything. How are we going to fix this.

By Kaylee
The People
about us
Hi my name is Kaylee and this is Laura
Here what they do
There are lots of people on the earth. About every year, 135 million people are born and about 55 million people die Wow see how populated we are.So we Are going to have to fix this and the only way that's going to happen is if people stop having baby's or if we can find more land to live on

We are going to tell you about the population in the world.

Fun Facts
Did You know
The trees are one of the many reasons that we are alive. When the wind moves the trees move and make breeze. That is where we get some of our air that we consume comes from. Here is an example: Say that the air is moving and you are outside cause you need to get some fresh air and the wind is blowing you breath in and it goes in your mouth and you breath that in and carbine monoxide
Thank you for watching Thanks
We are running out of land and space to live . It doesn't help when people are having more babies cause if we barely have any where to live then what makes other people think that the world has room for more children. I MEAN TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT THE WORLD IT FEELS LIKE THE WORLD IS GETTING VERY SMALL!
If we do not find anymore places to live then we have to do just die and never be alive again. We d to find more land on the earth or on some other planet.
The People

Pollution is not good. It huts animals and some fish. It can take energy and chemicals away from where it belongs. SO REMEMBER THAT POLLUTION IS BAD!

Population Of the People
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