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computer software en

No description


on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of computer software en

Computer Software Engineers
Computer Software Engineer
The other part
Computer software engineers work inside companies and businesses.They can work day or night,and on weeks and weekends.If you are a computer software engineer you might travel to determine what the software will be like.When you are a computer software engineer you will need to work with things like computer servers,circuit testers,flash-drives,and notebook computers.You might work with some of these people:other engineers,computer programers,business people, or computer technicians.
Part of What They Do
Computer software engineers are people who create programs to run on computers.They have duties like to improve old software programs, test new software programs,use science and math to create research programs,and and ask what kind of software needs to be made.
To become a software engineer you must have a 2,4,and 6 year degree. Without the right education you are not qualified to be a software engineer.
other information
Similar jobs include video game designer,computer support,and network system analyst.Important subjects to know are reading math,reading,English,writing, science,technology,and computers.I chose this job because the people and things you work with and being able to create what you want.
By:Maddilyn Register

circuit tester
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