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City of Bones presentation

No description

Ryan Burtis

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of City of Bones presentation

-Clary's block in her mind troubles the shadowhunters investigation over her mothers capture
-the shadowhunters request the help of the Silent Brothers to destroy the block in her mind to get information about her mother
-the Silent Brothers then lead the group to the warlock that cast the block on her mind, Magnus Bane.
-Bane reveals to the her mothers reasons for the block and how it would be dangerous for him to remove it. conception,birth, hiding of child, childhood, divine signs trials quests Death of the Scapegoat
decent into the underworld
rebirth Conclusion/Epilogue Start Introduction -After escaping the vampire hotel, Clary and the others recover at the Institute, Shadowhunter's base, and while looking through her mnothers things she imagines a rune that will help her find things through pictures
-The SH's go to retrieve the cup which causes a battle with the greater demon, Abandon, and as Alec sacrifices himself for Jace, it causes him to greatly injure himself with the demon blood, he is rushed to the institute to retrieve a treatment from Hodge Stopping Valentine - After revealing that Jocelyn is in a deep coma that she has put herself in to stop Valentine from retrieving information from her
- Clary and Jace deal with injuries, losses, and try to piece together the new information they have come across to plan out a way to stop valentine -as a child Clary visits Magnus bane,
warlock, who wipes her memories and
abilities of being a shadowhunter
-Clary's block in her mind starts to fade
and she realizes she is different and can
now see the divine world, shadow world. Preparation, meditation, and refusal to the call The Mortal Cup - Luke is reveled to be the clan leader of werewolves that have been following her
- Luke tells her the whole story of how the circle was created and how everyone met
- Once finding the location of Valentine’s lair, Renwick’s, Clary and Luke’s clan go to the island to rescue Jace, Jocelyn, and the mortal cup
- After finding Jace, he reveals that he is Clary’s dead brother
- Jace then sides with Valentine thinking he is his father
- In the end, Valentine escapes through the portal with the cup and Clary is reunited with her mother Rescuing Simon Hodge's betrayal Clary's Hero Journey
By: Ryan Burtis - Simon, Clary's bestfriend,mundane, follows the shadowhunters to Bane's party and gets turned into a mouse and gets captured by a group of vampires.
- as Clary is rescuing Simon, she is attacked by werewolfs, who seem to be looking for Clary. - Once finding out that they retrieved the mortal cup, Hodge attacks the group and retrieves the cup and trapping Clary behind a force
- Jace, unconscious, is turned over to Valentine
- Once Clary escapes, she is attacked by a werewolf who attacks Hodge and then captures her Work Cited
Clare, Cassandra. City of Bones. New York: Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing Division, 2007. Print.

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Malphrus, P. Ellen. “The Prince of Tides as archetypal hero quest.” The Southern Literary Journal 39.2 (2007): 100+ Literature Resource Center. Web. 12 Feb. 2013. Clary's journey begins as a child and ends through her sacrifices and losses for her new life that she has never known about. Throughout her journey she meets new friends and makes new enemies that will change the course of her life forever. Books next in the series
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