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Predicting Feelings

Second Step 5th grade Lesson 4

Annie Brumitt

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Predicting Feelings

5th Grade Prediction Time How many of you
correctly predicted
what your partner
would do? In this activity you had to PREDICT what your partner would do. Today you're going to
practice predicting how
people might feel in
different situations. PREDICTING means thinking in
advance about what might happen. Last time we met, we talked
about EMPATHY. Who remembers
what it means? Thinking ahead about how our actions might affect other people will help us have more empathy for others. Predicting Feelings Partner B's: If you predicted correctly, what did you think about that helped you make the correct prediction? Lucas is not sure how to do it.
Look for clues that show how
each person is feeling. Now let's watch a story
about how Lucas tries
to make his cousin
feel included in his
new school. TURN and TELL your partner. Let's THINK about how Aaron might be feeling about starting at a new school and how you can tell. How does Lucas feel about
his cousin going to
his school? What did Lucas
do to try to
help his cousin
fit in at school? Did Aaron look
like he wanted to
play basketball? This is called
PREDICTING FEELINGS. When you make plans or decisions
that will affect another person, you
need to consider how that person
might feel about it. If Lucas had tried to
predict how Aaron would
feel about playing basketball, what would he have realized? THINK about what Lucas could do to help himself predict how Aaron would feel about playing basketball. TURN and TELL your partner. What do you THINK Lucas could do
or say to help Aaron feel more
included at school? TURN and TELL your partner. Now let's see what
Lucas does during
the next day.
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