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The Hyperlinked Library Model

Discovering local and global connections in the hyperlinked library.

Letha Goger

on 8 February 2014

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Transcript of The Hyperlinked Library Model

Information power structures and hindrances are deconstructed as local knowledge is elevated. The practice of everyday life is celebrated (deCerteau, 1984).
"The University of Local Knowledge"
The Hyperlinked Library
The Hyperlinked Library deterritorializes knowledge, allowing new media-scapes, techno-scapes and, most importantly, new ideo-scapes to emerge.
Local knowledge and learning needs are collaboratively identified and met.
Individuals, libraries and information organizations can build connected and participatory learning for their local communities.
Humans reclaim their rightful place as storytellers and no longer outsource the creation of meaning to professional media or other power structures.
Implicit in the hyperlinked library is the notion of the generative work of the collective imagination. This imaginative work is expressed in very local environments (libraries and communities), at the same time it is connected to and drawing upon global and mass-mediated images, scripts and conversations. It is not as if the collective imagination and the generation of new ideas has previously been missing from the human experience. Of significance, though, is that these imaginative connections are different in a post-electronic world. ~Letha Goger
More > http://www.metastreams.wordpress.com
Humans reclaim their rightful place as the storytellers, no longer relegating the construction of meaning to corporate media or other power structures.
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