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Zigzag multi-board

No description

Tala Ag

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Zigzag multi-board

Zigzag Multi-board
Is a series of three or four rectangular boards. They are joined together along the sides by
hinges so that they can be easily folded up and carried.
How to make it
You will need
• strong, lightweight material that is easily available locally, for example, plywood
• cloth, glue or sticky tape for attaching the boards together
• string, rope or cloth strips to make handles
1. Decide what size each board- should be.
2. Lie the finished boards side-by-side on the ground, face down.
3. Attach the boards to each other.
Make the handles
How to use it
1. Stand it on the floor or on a table with each board at an angle to the next
2. Open out the zigzag board completely and stand it on the floor or hang it on a wall
3. Close it up
and use one of the boards at a time
4. Place it in a corner of the
classroom so that it sections off a part of it.
What you need to do
1. Use multiple activities in one
2. Present more than one subject in one activity

When I started "Googling" I was like:
... I've got a brilliant idea !
To find NOTHING on Zigzag- board but...
Open Your Books Page 25 pleas!
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