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Annie Bananie

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of Yemen

Region Yemen
Absolute Location:
15 00 N, 48 00 E Place Human Characteristics:
~Language: Arabic
~Population: 24,771,809
~Beliefs: Muslim Physical Characteristics:
~Landforms: Narrow coastal plains,
hills, deserts, rugged mountains.

~Wildlife: 71 types of mammals, 3000 types of plants, many rare aquatic animals.

~Climate: Mostly desert, extremely hot in desert in the east, hot & humid along west coast, occasional monsoons.

~Yemen is about twice the size of Wyoming Human Environment
Interaction How they adapt to it:
~Since there is a lot of water bordering the southern part of Yemen, there is a copious amount of cities for people to live there, and fish. Location Relative location:
Middle East, south of Saudi Arabia, west of Oman, north of the Absolute location:
15° N, 48° E Movement Human Movement:
~There are 57 airports in Yemen
~There are 71,300 km of roads
~1.046 million telephone users
~11.086 million cell phone users
~2.349 million internet users Information Movement: Telephone Cell Phone Internet Idea Movement:
~ Idea Movement:
~State-run TV with 2 stations
~State-run radio with 2 radio stations and 5 local stations from Oman and Saudi Arabia How they modify it:
~They modify their buildings by putting air condition in them. t National Anthem of Yemen Formal Region
There are 18 states in Yemen
There are 39 cities.
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