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Middle East Project

elizabeth woodall

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Woodall

Conflicts in the
Middle East
Woodall Israeli - Palestinian
Conflict Two People Groups fighting over the same land Israelis Palestinians Jewish Mostly Muslim Arabs 1/5 of the Population of Israel don't have a land to call their own Live in the West Bank and Gaza Strip Territories Have many restrictions on their lives compared to Israelis Many are refugees in neighboring countries like Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon Israel began as a homeland for Jewish people many fled back to Israel (their homelands) to escape persecution from Europe/Russia and then from the Holocaust Israelis can live in all of Israel and some live in Jewish settlements within the Palestian territories: West Bank and Gaza Strip Small groups of suicide bombers that say attacks are only way of fighting against the Israeli occupation Strong military: that says their attacks on the Palestinians are meant to stop the suicide bombers PEACE Oslo Accords - Palestinian government given control over West Bank and Gaza Strip Israel agreed to withdraw most of its military from these territories ?
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