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About Me

10 Things About Me

Tatyana Volkov

on 13 August 2014

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Transcript of About Me

"Throughout all that happens in life, no matter the situation or circumstance, you must harness all you have to be focused."
- Byron Garrett
that change my vision on early childhood education
My best class.
Kiev, Ukraine May 1999
Advanced multi-age classroom
Where there is a wish, there is a way...
"The first step towards getting where you want to be in life is the recognition that there is somewhere
you want to be."

- Byron Garrett

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. My mom was a preschool teacher/director of a child care center. My father worked on a shipyard.
6 years old
My parents and me
My grandma
My mam, brother and me
8th grade
My family (my husband, daughter and I) moved to United State in April 2001 with two bags, one filled with books. We left our home, our family, friends, work and school because I accidentally won a green card. It was a very big risk loosing all these things, but withing two years we had all these things here as well, except for our family.
My family
Community College of Philadelphia Spring semester 2002
2002-2003 Great After School Program Teacher/ Administrator
May 2001. ABCD Day Care Philadelphia
My first job in United States
New York International Airport April 24, 2001
Kiev, Ushinskiy Pedagogical College
10 years ago
Early Childhood Education Degree
Children Psychology certificate
Child Care Managing certificate
Director Credential certificate
Private School Nursery Teacher certificate
Medical Assistants certificate(expired)
Four years Musical school
Three years Decoration Technical school
Everything in my life worked to be who am I and what I am doing.

My bookmarks:
My favorite Website(s):
"You have to stay true to those principles that guide what you do and govern who you are in life."
- Byron Garrett
(The ABCs of Life)
16.5 years Child Care experience in Ukraine and 14 years in United States.
Kiev, city orphanage "Birch". It is a specialized institution of medical and social rehabilitation for orphans with organic lesions of the nervous system, for children born to HIV-infected mothers, and children diagnosed with HIV (from birth to 4 years of age).
I love to travel
I like to do a lot of things. I do not like sitting down. I love gardening and praise God with my voice.
brother and niece
Misha the Cat
Yuki the Bunny
husband and daughter
Life as a Teacher
My life as a Childcare director
My Favorite Cat Video
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