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Under Imperial Spain

No description

Larah Grace Omadlao

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of Under Imperial Spain

Under Imperial Spain
East meets West
Fernand Braudel
> "Everything depended on it, even the dreams of the fifteenth century explorer."
Lustinian-Hisp. Rivalry
> 1st country to use innovation in seamanship and boatbuilding.
> 1451-1470, they discovered and colonized all the islands of Azores in the Atlantic.

> 2 of her interpid explorers had reached the southern most end of Africa, and later to India.
> Winning the race to the wealth and spices of the East.

Paolo Toscanelli
Christopher Columbus
> made a land fall in Guanahi island in October 1492.
> coast of Cuba.

king John of Portugal
Pope Alexander VI
Pope from Valencia
Imaginary Line
> 100 leagues ( one Spanish legua = 5.57 kilometers) fron Spain, west of Cape Verde Islands.
WEST -------> SPAIN

* Partitioned the non-christian world into 2 spheres on influence.
*New world to Spain while Africa and India were reserved only for Portugal.
* Demarcation line 370 leagues farther west.
*Assigning Brazil to Portugal.
Ferdinand Magellan
March 16, 1521
Died :April 17, 1521
Juan Debastian del Cano
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