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Pollution in Bagmati

No description

ravi chhetri

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Pollution in Bagmati

Water Pollution in Bagmati River Ravi k Chhetri motivation problem formulation research design data collection discussion kathmanduite attactment
changes in past 20years cultural & religious significance institutional arrangements 1999 2009 how proper enforcement of environmental acts & regulation can be done to improve the condition of bagmati river? loss of cultural glory
hapazard urban and industrial growth
internal migration
callousness of government
unstable government
failed environmental movement literture review expert consultation identification of stakeholder questionnaires field visit/data collection government officials
general people quantitative data qualitative data ENPHO
Government authorities (GSTP/KMC/MOE)
General people
Farmers important aspects of Bagmati River drinking water
cultural/historic and asthetic importance
factors affecting Bagmati River sand mining
solid waste
industrial waste
domestic waste institutional devises acts and regulations
BASP/GSTP unstable government
fall of environmental movement decoupling politics and bureaucracy
plans by experts not by politicians
stringent enforcement of existing acts/regulation
enough inspectors (environment ministry as a cross-cutting agency)
partnership - government, civil society and ngos
awareness (religion)
re-invent environmental movement
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