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The Lego Movie Plot Structure

No description

Sophia Paul

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of The Lego Movie Plot Structure

The Lego Movie Plot Structure
Lord Business/ President Business
Bad Cop/ Good Cop

Because the dad let the boy came can play with him, the dad let the daughter play with they,too. Then in Bricksburg a spaceship came and duploo toys came out of it.
What is Plot Structure
Exposition- The beginning of the story; setting and characters.

Conflict- The main problem in the story.

Rising Action- Events related to the conflict. These move us towards the height of the problem.

Climax- The turning point of the story.

Falling Action- The events after the climax that leads towards the resolution.

Resolution- The outcome of the climax.
Man vs Society: Lord Business didn't like how people were changing his perfect world.

Man vs Man: Bad Cop was trying to hunt down "The Special" (AKA Emmett).
Emmett becomes a master builder and builds a mech to battle Lord Business; trying to save the world.
1st Rising Action
Bad Cop attacks Cloud Cuckoo Land and captures all the master builders. Trying to escape the Bad Cop, the team builds a submarine and leaves Cuckoo Land.
2nd Falling Action
Everything goes back to normal and all of the micro mangers are shut down.
Everyone is happy when Emmett comes back.
Lego Universe
( The Basement)

2nd Rising Action
1st Falling Action
Direct Characterization
Indirect Characterization
Wyldstyle telling Emmett what the prophecy says about "The Special":
"The most important most talented, most interesting and most extraordinary person in the universe."

Emmett and his team get caught by Lord Business and he is going to zap Emmett. To save the master builders, he jumps into the abyss. All of the master builders are all free.
Emmett goes to Lord Business and talks to him, at the same time the son and the dad are talking. The dad says he will allow him play with the Legos.
Lord Business and put the Piece of Resistence on the Kragle.
Unikitty is very optimistic.
3rd Rising Action
Emmett was in the basement of the 'man upstairs'. He found a poster and then he believed the prophecy. The kid gave him the Piece of Resistence and sent him back through a magic portal.
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