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Organization Behavior- Ingvar Kamprad

Anupama, Irene and Ken

Ken Luu

on 6 June 2013

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Transcript of Organization Behavior- Ingvar Kamprad

Group 3 members: Anupama Lopes, Irene Kamau and Cam Hung Luu
Professor: Pieter Nel Organization Behavior
Group presentation on Ingvar Kamprad's Leadership Leader and Manager? The Leadership Grid IN WHAT WAYS IS INGVAR KAMPRAD A LEADER
He inspires motivates and energises his employees
He sets direction for the people and the organisation
He is humble and leads by example
He is a risk taker
He is confident to admit to his mistakes and doesn’t put the blame on others
He is an innovator and acts as an enabler of change
Anonymity for himself and publicity for the company.
He performed all the five functions of management i.e. controlling, Directing,Planning,Organizing and leading
He became a manager by virtue of his position as the owner of IKEA
accountable for self and subordinates behaviour and performance
His concern is organisational goals
He had formal rights in the organisation because of his status Followership Followership is defined as the guidance and direction that a leader gives to his employees. The main points are:
The family business model- employees are regarded as a member of the family
Hard work and business ethics
Simplicity and personal humility
Business culture of frugality
Reward learning and innovation
IKEA Leaders are ambassadors of IKEA culture Ingvar Kamprad’s concern for result and concern for people is explained by the following points:
Ingvar Kamprad is a 9,9 on the Leadership Grid, which is the highest concern for people and results.
He plays the role of a father at IKEA, showing humility, caring for IKEA’s employees, simplicity, cost savings and constant renewal.
His vision is to create a better life for people
He motivates his employees to high goals for IKEA
IKEA focus is on social responsibility, environment and cost savings
He taught hard work and ethics Authentic leadership style with transformational and charismatic leadership as evidenced in his vision of “A better life for the majority of people.” The IKEA Lessons are:
Constant striving for renewal, readiness for responsibility and looking after each other.
Development must be progressive
Worth of a solution should be evaluated against its cost.
Simplicity and humbleness of character have great impact.
Dare to do things differently.
Focus on the right individuals, to achieve progress.
Positive people win.
Time is most important.
The word “impossible” should be deleted from the dictionnary. Leadership of Ingvar Kamprad
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